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This is a non-profit website about life and travel experiences for freethinking people. It started 2007 and focused on Thailand, but you can start an account about whatever.

There is no advertise on LikeThai, only a page with link friends. Uploaded material can contain advertise.

You don't need an member account to access most of the content here. It cost nothing to be a member, you only need to pay for a subscription if you want to upload images or movies and store them on our server (because we don't sell your private data to other). Links and articles are free to create (no cost).

You can create or join Groups, public or only for members. Create members groups with your own subscriptions and be paid by your members for your work.

Create your own articles with text, images, sounds, movies and links. You decide how it should look. You do not need a subscription for this.

LikeThai only use Cookies to remember setup (you manually choose) like language, security level and when you sign in. This means that you don't have to sign in each time you visit LikeThai. No other cookies with any other data, will be saved by LikeThai, from your visit here.


Subscription BUDGET cost 5 EUR / Year for 100 Mb disk (approximately 1000 images).

Subscription STANDARD cost 12 EUR / Year for 500 Mb disk (approximately 5000 images).

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LikeThai do not own any material that is uploaded to us and it is the owner of the material that decide if there are any copyright.


If you have any questions or suggestions, send a e-mail to webmaster@likethai.com or likethai@protonmail.com or sign in and write a message to webmaster.

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