INTERNATIONAL APPEAL Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
There are 295,182 signatories from 218 nations and territories June 22nd, 2020

We the undersigned scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and ..

2020-06-22 21:58
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COVID Pandemic planed by the Rockerfellers in 2010
Scenarios for the Futu..
2020-05-30 23:03
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Why is Ebay Port Scanning me?
"Recently, I was tipped off about certain sites performing localhost port scans against visitors, presumab..
2020-05-26 07:58
‘Sovereign Immunity’ - Coronavirus, 5G and more..
This week we continue our coverage of the Western world’s draconian ‘lockdown’ leading to the voluntary ..
2020-04-13 13:27
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David Icke on censorship
2020-04-10 21:40
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John Trudell - Material Addiction
2020-04-02 21:06
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Coronavirus - What Is Really Going On?
2020-03-26 18:55
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Coronavirus - David Icke Talks To Jeff Rense
50 min podcas..
2020-03-25 19:57
Coronavirus - Sabbatian Sabotage
2h video, David Icke Talks To Angelo John Gage
20 March 2020


2020-03-20 22:17
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David Icke - Coronavirus, Who Benefits?
This video is removed by Google on Youtube but you can f..
2020-03-20 09:00
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Hackers exploiting zero-days in WordPress plugins
WordPress is, by far, the most widely used website building technology on the internet.

Due ..

2020-03-02 21:30
Data centers amount of carbon emissions
Digital technologies are often put forward as a solution to environmental dilemmas.


2020-02-16 14:30
Moscow Activists Protest Facial Recognition
2020-02-08 11:43
Apple slapped with $27 million fine
A French regulator today revealed it’d fined Apple €25 million (just over $..
2020-02-08 10:29
An Open Source Smart Phone Supported by All Major Linux Phone Projects.

Perhaps you’re in a..

2020-01-22 10:20
What is artificial intelligence?
“Intelligence measures an agent’s ability to achieve goals in a wide range of en..
2020-01-12 11:13
How I fully quit Google (and you can, too)
Like many, I was a victim of Google creep. Search led to email, to documents, to analytics, photos, and dozens of other services ..
2019-12-21 10:31
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Nikola Tesla, Describes a Cell Phone Back in 1926
Nikola Tesla on Wireless..
2019-10-27 09:21
Smarta saker är det nya digitala asbest
Smarta saker är det nya digitala asbest. Asbest var ju ett fantastiskt material, en revolution. Det kunde användas til..
2019-10-02 10:46
99% of email attacks rely on victims clicking link
"Cybercriminals are aggressively targeting people because sending fraudulent emails, stealing ..
2019-09-10 19:45
Chrome's anti-ad-blocker changes
It took extension developers a few months to understand how intrusive the Manifest V3 modifications were, but they did ..
2019-06-10 00:04
30 years on - The Web
Three sources of dysfunction affecting today’s web:

1. Deliberate, malicious intent, such as ..

2019-03-12 13:40
The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds transformed technology twice -- first with the Linux kernel, which helps power the Internet, and again with Git..
2018-12-20 21:59
What everyday citizens can do to claim power
In a crisp conversation with Bryn Freedman, curator of the TED Institute, Chehadé discusses the ongoin..
2018-12-20 21:35
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