Will You Still Love Me...
Question everything you think you know. Take the Travel track...

  2021-01-15 20:11
Roads of Bangkok...
Question everything you think you know. Take the Travel track...

  2021-01-11 19:56
Cause And Effect
1   02:14:20  1  2020-10-31 21:29
Still don't get what covid-19 is about? Watch this
Make your own mind up The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Article 19

I do believe some disease can spread from person to person, ..

Cause And Effect
1   36:07  2020-10-18 14:42
RFK Jr. Speaking at Berlin Anti-Lockdown Protest
1  →  2020-08-30 11:49
CHD Led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Sues Facebook
CHD Legal Team Led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Sues Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Three of Facebook’s So-Called "Fact-Checkers" &hellip..
Cause And Effect
→  2020-08-19 18:55
Covid Time To Wake Them Up
WAKE UP AUSTRALIA. You are being SCAMMED with psychological fear and panic and suffering by corrupt Australian Governments under the control of Global..
Cause And Effect
 14:56  2020-08-16 09:54
INTERNATIONAL APPEAL Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
There are 295,182 signatories from 218 nations and territories June 22nd, 2020

We the undersigned scientists, doctors, environmental or..

Cause And Effect
1  →  2020-06-22 21:58
The Deep State Is No Secret Anymore
→  2020-06-13 08:52
‘Blinded Me With Science’ - coronavirus
Sunday Wire
180 min podcast

Patrick Henningsen with guests
Andrew Mather and Olsi Jazexhi

5 april 2020

Cause And Effect
→  2020-04-15 17:58
‘Sovereign Immunity’ - Coronavirus, 5G and more..
This week we continue our coverage of the Western world’s draconian ‘lockdown’ leading to the voluntary implosion of country’s..
Cause And Effect
→  2  2020-04-13 13:27
David Icke on censorship
Cause And Effect
 01:08:27  2020-04-10 21:40
Coronavirus - What Is Really Going On?
Cause And Effect
1  →  1  2020-03-26 18:55
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