The big bluff – Covid-19 – Heiko Schöning
Many people cannot even imagine that the government would commit criminal acts itself and blame others for it. That the government itself is criminal. And for that I..
Cause And Effect
1  →  4  2020-09-04 00:31
Arrest the criminals before they arrest you
It's time to arrest the criminals that are behind this plandemic and that also include the people (politicians and so called experts) in your country, that spread..
  2020-08-22 20:18
Cause And Effect
→  1  2020-08-22 18:54
German doctors explaining the fake pandemic
Cause And Effect
1  →  1  2020-08-15 18:19
Who's In Control And How To Stop It
Danny Sheehan is one of our nation’s most important and influential Constitutional and public interest lawyers. During the past 45 years he has handled such pu..
Cause And Effect
 54:20  1  2020-07-16 11:34
Motorhead - Get Back In Line
 03:33  2020-07-11 23:10
The Game
1   02:46  2020-07-11 22:40
Covid-19 and the Rentier’s Playground
Is it apparent that society must shrink in order for the wealth gap to continue? Understand the role of brady..
Cause And Effect
 34:17  2020-07-07 11:08
Remarks from the Systematic Crises
Unlike non-Western societies, unlike even China today, credit in Europe and America is privatized. The supply of credit, like money, should be a public utility. Just ..
Cause And Effect
→  2020-07-02 00:09
Reform the debt-based money system
While the Reserve Bank creates our notes and coins, this forms less than 3% of our money supply. The rest nowadays is electronic money for EFTPOS, internet banking a..
Cause And Effect
→  2020-06-30 16:10
Mind The Matrix
This film is to invite people to wake up and find the truth how they see it.
Everyone’s experience is different and it is within the crossovers that we f..

 02:13:27  3  2020-06-30 13:36
Michael Hudson - Defining A Tyrant
Gary Null Progressive Commentary Hour
May 26, 2020


Cause And Effect
 55:11  2020-06-21 19:49
Undermining public finance to drive privatization
Michael Hudson

Topics included governments, debt and my..

Cause And Effect
 01:13:20  1  2020-06-07 11:32
Monopoly Capitalism: At The Breaking Point?
Monopoly capitalism may be on its last legs! Economist Michael Hudson say his predictions on the Trump budget have come true and seem to suggest, more t..
Cause And Effect
  1  2020-04-28 10:32
Monopoly Capitalism: At The Breaking Point?
Cause And Effect
2020-04-28 09:27
Debts explained by Michael Hudson
With every major financial recovery since the second World War beginni..
Cause And Effect
1    1  2020-04-27 10:02
Isaan under contract
Contract farming is a common choice amongst farmers in the Northeast due to its low s..
→  2016-03-24 07:57
Thailand's foreign debt rises to record high
Thailand's foreign debt rose to a record high of US$119 billio..
→  2012-05-10 21:22
The Federal Reserve Fraud - 1
Cause And Effect
  2012-02-24 10:45
Debt Slavery Explained
Cause And Effect
1   02:02  2012-01-19 23:06
  1  2011-12-26 12:03
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