The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla
Very few people know who is Nikola Tesla.

They have heard of the Tesla electric car, but generally the broader public is unfamiliar with Nikola Tesla,..

Cause And Effect
 46:25  2020-08-27 18:38
Who's In Control And How To Stop It
Danny Sheehan is one of our nation’s most important and influential Constitutional and public interest lawyers. During the past 45 years he has handled such pu..
Cause And Effect
 54:20  1  2020-07-16 11:34
US BIOWARFARE Controlling Speech Event
Controlling Speech - Event 201 pt4. The 2019 coronavirus is a US bioweapon against China and the world. They deep state is desperate that their power is slipping away..
Cause And Effect
1   28:14  1  2020-07-05 12:49
Coronavirus - Pandemic of Terror
How they create a fake cor..
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 01:00:00  1  2020-07-02 12:18
Mind The Matrix
This film is to invite people to wake up and find the truth how they see it.
Everyone’s experience is different and it is within the crossovers that we f..

 02:13:27  3  2020-06-30 13:36
Gary Null on Vaccinations
Dr. Null Advocates Alternative Medicine and had a number ..
Cause And Effect
1   02:40:34  2020-06-22 14:05
Vaccination - The Hidden Truth (1998)
A shocking but extremely informative video documentary "Vaccination - The Hidden Truth" (1998..
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 01:30:32  1  2020-06-17 20:44
Undercover Nurse Exposes the COVID 'Pandemic'
Perspectives on the pandemic - The Epicenter Nurse

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 01:10:34  1  2020-06-11 13:05
Let Us Free Ourselves From the Virus of War

Michel Chossudovsky (Canada) Economist, 00:13:17

PANEL 2 – 7..

Cause And Effect
 03:12:06  2020-06-08 18:06
Planet of the Humans | Fighting Censorship
Linked in from new source after Youtube censored it, read more about that here:


1   01:40:02  1  2020-06-02 19:26
YouTube Censor Michael Moore’s 'Planet Of Humans'
After garnering 8.3 millions of views on its platform, Google’s Ministry of Censorship removed Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs controversial documentary film Plane..
Cause And Effect
→  1  2020-05-28 09:33
Planet of the Humans | by Jeff Gibbs
UPDATE 200528: CENSORED, read more here:

Watch here:

1    2020-05-04 20:22
Corona Virus - Demonstrationen: Verboten
Berlin 4. April 2020.
"Nicht ohne ..

 10:03  2020-04-07 21:11
Coronavirus - Sabbatian Sabotage
2h video, David Icke Talks To Angelo John Gage
20 March 2020


1  →  2020-03-20 22:17
COVID-19 : The Real Danger is "Agenda ID2020"
What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses gene..
Cause And Effect
→  2020-03-13 17:33
Elefanten i porslinsbutiken
Han är en av de första som kommer fram till mordplatsen vid korsningen Sveavägen/Tunnelgatan den 28 februari 1986 – högst 10 sekunder efter ..
→  2020-02-21 20:48
Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus
As all of you know, China is feeling a little under the weather lately with a bit of a fever, a slight cough and a splash of death.

Without Judging
→  2020-02-16 19:35
IB - hemligare än Säpo
Om IB-affären 1973. Två unga journalister, Peter Bratt och Jan Guillou, avslöjar en okänd spionorganisati..
→  2020-02-04 22:02
We Will Not Go Down In Gaza Tonight
Cause And Effect
1   04:43  2020-01-31 23:38
How U.S. Gov. Tested Biological Warfare on America
As leaves turned red, and as San Francisco segued into the smoky autumn of 1950, Edward Nevin lay dying in a hospital..
→  2020-01-31 20:01
A ‘Perfect Storm’ of Bio-War Agents
There are several military and civilian medical research facilities around the world that either maintain stocks of dangerous pathogenic viruse..
Cause And Effect
→  2020-01-31 19:35
Wuhan Coronavirus Global Cases
Graphic b..
Cause And Effect
1  →  2020-01-28 11:25
China’s Coronavirus: An Examination of the FACTS
The Western mass media have discussed the new corona virus that began in the city of Wuhan in Central China but not much light has been shed on the circumsta..
Cause And Effect
1  →  2020-01-27 17:45
Push (Only from Sweden to 14/6 2020)
Att bo i världens städer blir allt dyrare. Medelklassen och fattiga har inte råd att bo kvar. Unga är chanslö..
→  2020-01-19 18:58
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