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  2021-01-14 19:55
Ian Van Dahl
 03:02  2020-12-12 23:02
The life, death and philosophy of Diego Maradona
Cause And Effect
1  →  2020-11-28 20:52
Live With Me
Massive Attack
1   06:07  2020-11-27 23:44
Predictive Programming?
Israeli Publishers Have Been Writing About a COVID-Like Pandemic for Years.

Drawing too close a link between an artist’s inspirat..

→  2020-11-21 22:29
Leading Canadian Health Expert Outraged
Cause And Effect
→  2020-11-18 19:35
Jiddu Krishnamurti - Beyond Myth And Tradition - 3
Freedom & Authority

More Spiritual Awareness

1   28:45  2020-11-11 08:45
Jiddu Krishnamurti - Beyond Myth And Tradition - 2
 28:43  2020-11-10 21:30
Jiddu Krishnamurti - Beyond Myth And Tradition - 1
 28:46  2020-11-10 20:57
The hardest prison to escape from is the mind
2020-11-08 14:30
Why Are We Fighting Each Other?
Because of Belief Systems When the Enemy Is Still the Same?
Who am I? Am I a servant of Satan, a saint, or a mental case?


→  2020-11-03 23:08
CoVid Test is Worthless According to WHO
Because there is no CoVid 19 test – the test utilized today is the same test utilized in 2003 for SARS-CoV which embraces ALL coronaviruses.

1  →  2020-11-03 22:05
Cause And Effect
1   02:14:20  1  2020-10-31 21:29
Who Rules America?
"Freedom is measured by the amount of control you have over the things upon which you are dependent."
/C. Wright Hills


Cause And Effect
 55:34  2020-10-24 21:39
We have a responsibility against our self
That responsibility are to be honest to yourself and see who you really are and not be something others expect you to be.

There are not..

  2020-09-12 10:33
The big bluff – Covid-19 – Heiko Schöning
Many people cannot even imagine that the government would commit criminal acts itself and blame others for it. That the government itself is criminal...
Cause And Effect
1  →  4  2020-09-04 00:31
Unite For Freedom Protest London
Roughly 30,000 plus protesters attended the Unite for Freedom rally (29/8 2020) in London’s Trafalgar Square to oppose the governments COVID loc..
Cause And Effect
 11:39  2020-08-30 10:39
A short report from Sweden regarding covid-19 - 1
I am from Sweden and I live here so I have some insight in this question.

  2020-08-26 09:26
Dolores Cahill Time For Change Protest Dublin
Dr Dolores Cahill Speech in Dublin Destroys Gov’t Argument for COVID Lockdown, Masks and Vaccines

Cause And Effect
 34:40  1  2020-08-25 12:58
The 'Expert' and You
This is an observation from my journey we call life.

Let's start we the word 'expert' that seem to be so important today. I..

  2020-08-25 09:57
Arrest the criminals before they arrest you
It's time to arrest the criminals that are behind this plandemic and that also include the people (politicians and so called experts) in your coun..
  2020-08-22 20:18
Covid Time To Wake Them Up
WAKE UP AUSTRALIA. You are being SCAMMED with psychological fear and panic and suffering by corrupt Australian Governments under the control of Global..
Cause And Effect
 14:56  2020-08-16 09:54
German doctors explaining the fake pandemic
Cause And Effect
1  →  1  2020-08-15 18:19
The Deep State’s "Divide and Conquer"
Having allowed our fears to be codified and our actions criminalized, we now find ourselves in a strange new world where just about everything we do i..
Cause And Effect
→  1  2020-07-15 09:28
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