Welcome to Pattaya - Full Documentary HQ

Filmed 2010
26 min

Welcome To Pattaya
  2021-01-10 23:10
Welcome to Pattaya - Full Documentary

Filmed 2010
26 min

Welcome To Pattaya
  2021-01-10 22:58
Why Are We Fighting Each Other?
Because of Belief Systems When the Enemy Is Still the Same?
Who am I? Am I a servant of Satan, a saint, or a mental case?


→  2020-11-03 23:08
The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla
Very few people know who is Nikola Tesla.

They have heard of the Tesla electric car, but generally the broader public is unfamiliar wi..

Cause And Effect
 46:25  2020-08-27 18:38
Mind The Matrix
This film is to invite people to wake up and find the truth how they see it.
Everyone’s experience is different and it is within the cros..

 02:13:27  3  2020-06-30 13:36
Vaccination - The Hidden Truth (1998)
A shocking but extremely informative video documentary "Vaccination - The Hidden Truth" (1998) where 15 people, including Dr. Viera Scheibne..
Cause And Effect
 01:30:32  1  2020-06-17 20:44
Are you in control of your life?
Maybe you think that your thought's and opinions are from what you would say, you?
Then you are one of the lucky 5%, approximately, that ha..

1    2020-05-31 14:20
70 years of shooting refugees
Since March 2018, weekly protests – known as the Great March of Return – have been held in Gaza.

The demonstrators are insi..

Cause And Effect
→  2019-10-17 23:13
My mother, the marriage migrant
Why are the women who change their lives by selling sex or by getting married scorned? Why do so many people, including migrants, see it as the lowest..
→  2019-08-01 23:08
Remembering America’s Lost Conscience
America’s conscience died long before Howard Zinn passed away in 2010. The challenge remains. On the other side are formidable forces: money, po..
Cause And Effect
1  →  2018-12-19 23:38
Stone bar
2016-10-22 01:25
Stone bar - Movie 1
Stone Bar Movies
 00:37  2016-10-15 16:57
Education dangerous?
Police prevent villagers from showing documentary on controversial oil concessions.
There were about 20 villagers at the film screening which t..

→  2015-08-29 09:20
documentary alex agusti moreno
 01:36:19  2014-06-06 15:20
The Agony Behind Angora
Cause And Effect
 02:02  2013-11-27 15:15
Positive Sex Workers
Without Judging
  2012-09-08 10:54
Nuclear Controversies
Cause And Effect
 04:11  1  2012-06-10 23:18
Girls from Pattaya - 1/4
 15:04  2012-05-15 21:27
Thailand's country music megastar
Isaan - อิสาน
 02:56  2012-04-10 21:26
Bai Daeng, Bai Dam
documentary by mik la vage ladyboy military soldier corruption
 03:45  2011-12-30 10:29
Sales of pork
 10:16  2011-08-27 09:54
101thai ladies
  2011-06-17 15:20
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