New Technology, Whose Progress?
British documentary on the effects of automation and new technology on workers and the workplace. The film compares the glittering promises of busines..
Cause And Effect
 59:04  1  2020-10-25 11:37
COVID-19 : The Real Danger is "Agenda ID2020"
What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID progra..
Cause And Effect
→  2020-03-13 17:33
A ‘Perfect Storm’ of Bio-War Agents
There are several military and civilian medical research facilities around the world that either maintain stocks of dangerous pathogenic viruses and b..
Cause And Effect
→  2020-01-31 19:35
China’s Coronavirus: An Examination of the FACTS
The Western mass media have discussed the new corona virus that began in the city of Wuhan in Central China but not much light has been shed on the ci..
Cause And Effect
1  →  2020-01-27 17:45
Push (Only from Sweden to 14/6 2020)
Att bo i världens städer blir allt dyrare. Medelklassen och fattiga har inte råd att bo kvar. Unga är chanslösa på bos..
→  2020-01-19 18:58
The Six Principles
 29:30  2017-06-25 16:40
Twenty years of military dominated politics
As the year 2016 draws to a close we can look forward to years of military dominated politics, spare a thought for Thailand’s lèse-majest..
→  2017-01-02 10:32
Education dangerous?
Police prevent villagers from showing documentary on controversial oil concessions.
There were about 20 villagers at the film screening which t..

→  2015-08-29 09:20
Compare the 6th October massacre with today’s cris
The 6th October 1976 massacre at Thammasart University in 1976 was an attempt by the Thai ruling class to crush the growing left-wing movement which h..
→  2014-10-07 22:58
Thailand's saddest secret
On the morning of June 9, 1946, the 20-year-old Ananda Mahidol, King Rama VIII of Siam, was shot through the head and killed in his bedroom in the Bar..
→  2014-06-10 20:30
documentary alex agusti moreno
 01:36:19  2014-06-06 15:20
The Agony Behind Angora
Cause And Effect
 02:02  2013-11-27 15:15
Bai Daeng, Bai Dam
documentary by mik la vage ladyboy military soldier corruption
 03:45  2011-12-30 10:29
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