Russia’s first magazine to feature a transgender
Cause And Effect
→  2020-03-11 19:40
Russian LGBT Activist Killed
Yelena Grigoriyeva was found with multiple stab wounds and signs of strangulation near her home over the weekend, fellow activists said on social medi..
Without Judging
1  →  2019-07-24 00:08
Bill recognising Rainbow families
More than three years after the first bill in Thai history to recognise the existence
of same-sex couples was introduced, the Thai junta still..

→  2017-05-22 11:55
LGBT shatter myth of LGBT-friendly Thailand
UNESCO and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on Thursday afternoon organised a public discussion to present findings about discrimination ag..
→  2015-05-16 10:50
Transgender lecture disemployed from university
→  2015-04-22 15:35
Junta ban LGBT / singles from having own children
With no people’s representatives in parliament, the junta has attempted to pass several quick bills without people’s participation. Among ..
→  2014-10-31 13:58
Same-sex marriage may come true under Thai junta
Anjana Suvarnananda, head of Anjaree and a renowned LGBT rights campaigner in Thailand, considers this bill as yet another form of discrimination, whi..
→  2014-10-09 09:23
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