Italy Fighting Corona Hoax
ITALY: 50,000 restaurants and businesses open despite strict lockdown laws in place. Police in the video tell patrons to leave, they all start singing..
  2021-01-17 13:59
COVID-19 Bushwalking Rules

  2021-01-17 13:28
How Silicon Valley, Destroyed Parler
If you want to download, sign up for, or use Parler, you will be unable to do so. That is because three Silicon Valley monopolies — Amazon, Goog..
  2021-01-12 19:09
Wuhan Leaked documents from secret lab
Matthew Pottinger told politicians from around the world that even China’s leaders now openly admit their previous claims that the virus origina..
  2021-01-05 12:27
Wearing a mask?
Watch this doctor absolutely DEMOLISH wearing a mask and how harmful it really is!
→  2021-01-02 11:27
Woman arrested after filmed at empty Hospital

Woman arrested after video filmed at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

"So nurses &..

→  2020-12-31 13:07
Israel’s military attacks on Gaza
Israel carried out a series of airstrikes in the early hours of Saturday, 26 December 2020, targeting multiple areas in the Gaza Strip. Three Palestin..
→  2020-12-29 20:23
2020-12-05 12:37
For once and forever
if Maradona first goal v England was illegal, then there were at least 2 red cards and 8 yellows not given to England - and by football rules of that ..
→  2020-11-28 20:13
An honour to have faced you, Diego
Un onore averti affrontato, Diego
1  →  2020-11-25 22:00
One of the greatest players of all time
1  →  2020-11-25 18:31
Predictive Programming?
Israeli Publishers Have Been Writing About a COVID-Like Pandemic for Years.

Drawing too close a link between an artist’s inspirat..

→  2020-11-21 22:29
CoVid Test is Worthless According to WHO
Because there is no CoVid 19 test – the test utilized today is the same test utilized in 2003 for SARS-CoV which embraces ALL coronaviruses.

1  →  2020-11-03 22:05
Don't Dream It's Over
Crowded House
 03:58  2020-10-30 22:14
Deliberate deception is nothing new
The message and messengere are changed but it sound exactly the same to me...
1   03:35  2020-10-21 20:38
Marillion - Sounds that can't be made
Teatro Caupolican Santiago Chile 2014

1 - Gaza
2 - Easter - 17:30
3 - Beautiful - 25:40
4 - Power - 32:10

 02:21:42  2020-09-23 16:31
Quick feet
→  2020-09-19 18:36
Bystanders save woman from arrest in Spain
Spanish police attempt to arrest a woman not wearing a mask.

Bystanders pull the woman away from the police and chase the police away, ..

→  1  2020-09-09 18:56
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
1   06:42  2020-09-05 23:05
Covid19, flu-like virus. It’s the economy, think!
We defend the Bill of Rights of suffering people, their health is under attack by organized crime that used a normal flu-like virus to create massive ..
2  →  2020-09-05 08:17
RFK Jr. Speaking at Berlin Anti-Lockdown Protest
1  →  2020-08-30 11:49
Private Investigations
Dire Straits
1   05:47  1  2020-08-23 21:39
COVID Crazy in Philippines

→  2020-08-08 15:26
Mike DeWine Announces He Does Not Have COVID-19...
→  2020-08-07 10:37
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