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I have now released LikeThai's new App version 1.0 that is quicker and safer to use, but I gone need your support to continue developing it. This ..
  2021-01-25 16:45
New LikeThai App
I will soon release a new App that is quicker and safer to use (more difficult for 'hackers' to attack, I hope), but I gone need your support ..
  2021-01-25 09:02
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Thailand News
My Thailand blog will from now on continue in a public group (1074) called (Thailand) News!
→  2016-06-09 00:10
Prachatai sues ICT Ministry
For six years, Prachatai has been pursuing a case against the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) for blocking access to its w..
→  2016-06-07 07:57
Koh Chang hotel collapse kills one
TRAT - A Thai tourist was killed and five others, including a three-year-old boy, were rescued after a building at Siam Beach Resort in Koh Chang coll..
→  2016-06-04 18:36
Thai Tiger temple - 2010
 02:14  2016-06-02 16:41
Tiger skins, seized at Tiger Temple
Wildlife authorities on Thursday confiscated two tiger skins and hundreds of tiger-skin talismans found on a pickup truck trying to sneak out of the T..
→  2016-06-02 16:04
Red shirt singer gets 7.5 years in prison
The Criminal Court has sentenced a well-known anti-establishment red-shirt country singer to seven years and six months in prison for lèse maje..
→  2016-06-01 07:57
Kindergarten uses military uniforms
For four years, children in a kindergarten in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen have been ordered to wear military uniforms once a week. A teache..
→  2016-05-28 00:38
Elderly teacher gets 3 months jail
He was accused of such offences for giving flowers to support Pansak Srithep, a pro-democracy activist and the father of a boy killed by the military ..
→  2016-05-23 09:45
Problem with LikeThai web services
Problem with www.likethai.com web services
→  2016-05-14 11:53
The web services, that www.LikeThai use, seems to be under attack(?) for the third weekend in a row. If you experience problem, please try later.
2016-05-14 11:50
Thais want to limit military’s power
A recent survey has shown that the majority of Thai people want the size and tasks of Thai military to be curtailed, and it should not have any other ..
→  2016-05-13 07:57
Military court detains two junta critics
They are are charged to mock the junta leader and accused of lese majeste for sending messages deemed defamatory to the Thai Monarchy in their 'privat..
→  2016-05-11 22:21
Facebook ให้ข้อมูลหรือร่วมมือกับรัฐบาลไทยหรือไม่
Facebook ให้ข้อมูลหรือร..
→  2016-05-07 20:31
Thai Facebookers deactivate their accounts
Thai academics and activists have announced that they will deactivate their Facebook accounts as a protest against Facebook Thailand for its compromis..
→  2016-05-07 04:20
FB blocks Thailand from page satirizing monarchy
In the first apparent acknowledgement it is cooperating with Thai authorities in censoring content, Facebook has blocked its users in Thailand from ac..
→  2016-05-05 10:50
Military court detains supporter of junta critics
The Military Court has detained a supporter of the eight abducted junta critics, who is accused by the junta legal team of lѐse majesté.

→  2016-05-02 07:47
The big issue: 301 hypocrites
Thailand got on the United States list of the "dirty dozen" worst pirates in the explored galaxy for the ninth consecutive year. By doing th..
→  2016-05-01 11:49
4 arrested for savage Hua Hin attack
PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN - Four men have been arrested for a savage attack on an elderly British family holidaying in Hua Hin over the Songkran holiday aft..
→  2016-05-01 11:35
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