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YouTube Censor Michael Moore’s 'Planet Of Humans'
After garnering 8.3 millions of views on its platform, Google’s Ministry of Censorship removed Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs controversial documentary film Planet of Humans from the YouTube.  The filmmakers are calling the ban a “blatant act of censorship.”

Censored - Planet of the Humans | by Jeff Gibbs

Watch here:
Planet of the Humans | by Jeff Gibbs
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2020-05-28 13:57
"The key here is that 95% of the population (a rough personal estimate) doesn't even know they are manipulated and are living with the illusion that they are free, and free thinkers. Not true. The brilliance of the Illuminati manipulation and the mass mind control is that we don't know that we are under control.

Therefore, we can still make choices in life as much as we want, but all choices are limited to the reality we live in. We can not make choices about something we don't know."

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