2020-06-22 13:46 Europe/Stockholm
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Why I don't take any vaccine
Anybody who take, or want their child, take any vaccine injection are manipulated by big pharma interests, who want to make big money. If you just toke some time and did your own research (because mainstream media are controlled by this interests), you will find a lot of information about this subject.

You have to realize that your country is ruled by fascism, if you live in a country that say a corona vaccine is mandatory, and you have to oppose that before it's to late. Some countries gone say it's up to you if you want to take the vaccine, and then the big corporations (and probably your government because that is the same thing...) gone prevent you from access to certain things in society, due to 'safety of others'. That's also fascism, but done with little more 'grace'.

What yourself can do is to boycott any company that have this ridicules distance mark for queues, when you should pay, because that's nothing more than a way of mind control.

Don't stress to much, eat healthy food so you get the vitamins you need and do some excersice sometime and you will probably have a much better life.

Anders H

Here is a good podcast by Gary Null about vaccine:

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