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2020-09-04 00:31 Europe/Stockholm
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The big bluff – Covid-19 – Heiko Schöning
Many people cannot even imagine that the government would commit criminal acts itself and blame others for it. That the government itself is criminal. And for that I can give you an example, so that many people may wake up to it...

So now comes my interpretation. What I can say first: Is this coronavirus more dangerous than the normal seasonal flu? No, it is not.

Transcript " The Great Bluff - Heiko Schöning - Uncut 09, Interview with Kai Stuht "

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2020-09-04 09:59
"Oligarchs don't just exist in Russia. So how can we go against it now. Those who are now ruining us, who are ruining the economy.

We just have to say, we no longer work for you, no longer at any clinic group, no longer at Amazon and the like. We don't buy from you anymore. We won’t make you strong anymore. Passive resistance. We do our own business with better services and better products. Artist agencies, all kinds of media platforms - we can do all of that ourselves."
2020-09-04 09:46
"I want to point out that we now have a huge chance and that's what I found likable about what you just said. We can now use this crisis as an opportunity, the hamster wheels have stopped, unfortunately many economies are now going down. . . are unemployed, market shares are falling and what do you do now?

Do we really have to have those up there? Do we have to be under Amazon's thumb? The book trade, the other trade, we all have to be at Amazon or we cannot take it into our own hands. Do we need to have Facebook? Or can we open our own "human connection"? Do we have to buy any products from Nestle or others that are literally digging up other people’s water in Africa, for example."
2020-09-04 09:37
"I would like to see the Corona crisis as an opportunity, namely as an opportunity to recognize ourselves. We're being torn out and in the end it's actually like these people who are really sick and that really has to be said.

An Angela Merkel, or any people who have that much power, have this disease and we basically just have to understand that this is a disease. An epidemic in the centers of power that only we as a society can dissolve. We as a community have to help people, to bring them back into the community and not to raise them anymore, but basically just to point out their illness and that is actually maybe just the task that I see as a society – to finally empower ourselves and to understand that there is no one above us.

We as the society are the ones, when someone elevates themselves, then it is easy to draw energy from the because he is going forward, so to speak, but the responsibility is ultimately about getting back down to earth and that we all take responsibility for ourselves. We all have to take responsibility."
2020-09-04 09:26
"We have a gift. Everyone has it, no matter where they are, no matter how they look and what situation they live in. We have a gift and we don't even know it. Most people have actually already forgotten that, and that is intuition. And intuition is the greatest force, the greatest energy, because it created everything in this world. There is nothing that was created by the head, everything is actually first of all the thought of doing something or creating something or inventing something."