2020-09-12 10:33 Europe/Stockholm

We have a responsibility against our self
That responsibility are to be honest to yourself and see who you really are and not be something others expect you to be.

There are nothing wrong with you if you are yourself, because you are an continuation on earlier generations that has walked on this earth, that's how simple it is. The best you can do with that inheritance is to be yourself, because then you don't need to value other for what they are, because we are all our own separate beings with our own free will.

It don't mean it's wrong, if someone do something you shouldn't do, it just mean that you have an own free will that look different.

As soon as you start to value others way to behave, then you assume from your own believes and if you not are yourself and instead are something the society expected you to be, then you are manipulated to influence (control) others way to be.

If you sit down peacefully and thinking of who you really are, then you will see that there is no need to value other.

Never forget that there are no leader, there is only you.

Anders H

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